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Elmar Borgmeier

Elmar Borgmeier (He/Him)

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant Green Software, Member of the GSF Standards Group

Syngenio AG

Stuttgart, Germany, Europe

  • English
  • German


I have been creating digital innovations through software for over 20 years. To this end, I co-founded Syngenio AG, Germany, in 2001. The focus of my work has mostly been the financial sector. Since 2007, I have been designing dedicated FinTech solutions with Syngenio and supporting banks in their digital transformation - through technology, but also through cultural change towards agile methods and lean startup approaches. I am also regularly invited to speak on these topics. Both at management events such as the Innovations For Banks conference, at sustainability events such as the Green World Tour or technology conferences such as W-JAX. In addition, I participate as keynote speaker in webinars of different companies. In the 2010s, I wrote the blog NextGenerationFinance, which was voted one of the ten most important finance blogs in Germany. Privately, I have always been climate-conscious and use car sharing, for example. That's why I was thrilled to be able to be part of the Green Software Design initiative. Here I communicate in particular on topics relevant to corporate management, sustainability officers and IT management.



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Likes to talk about

  • Green Software Design - Making the right choices
  • Green Software in the Corporation: From Management to Metrics
  • Green Software in the Financial Services Industry
  • Agile Green: Creating a culture of climate awareness within software engineering teams

Area of Interest

  • Digital Innovation
  • Green Software Design
  • Climate protection
  • Next Generation Banking



Within Germany and neighbouring countries. Online Engagements worldwide.

Pay and Expenses

Expenses: always. Payment: depends on the event.

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